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Valle La Paz Foundation

Jewelry with a Cause. Nurture your Soul Collection

At VERVER, there is an awareness that every constant effort, over time, generates a great impact. The pieces that make up the Food for your Body and Soul collection have been inspired by the work done by Valle la Paz Foundation, which emphasizes the value of nourishing the body through food and the spirit through music and songs. When you acquire the jewelry of this collection, you can be an ambassador for this important project, and with your contribution you will help the children of the Meza Rica, El Manzano, and La Huerta de San Agustín communities to continue developing their integral being.

Catalogue and orders

We encourage you to see the entire catalogue of this collection.Catálogo Valle la Paz 1 You can purchase the jewellery directly from our partners VERVER . Place your order at 722 898 4255.