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Jewelry with a cause

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Jewelry Workshop

Mesa Rica … 1:51 minutes from home; we travel through the Toluca Valley to enter the foothills of the Xinantécatl volcano; a highway, a road and a cobblestone path are what separate the workshop from our inspiration … We arrive at the elementary school, where we are kindly received by the director, who introduces us to the first and second grade children … I can not forget their bright eyes waiting for my words to start the activity … each one expressing what they are on a sheet of paper… innocence, joy and hope … A moment stuck in my heart when a little girl approached me and gave me the only earring she had; she was giving away that treasure to show her friendship … I did not receive it; I asked her to keep it for my return, when I would able to make her the missing pair … In junior high the experience was no different; the young people received us with curiosity and showed their willingness to co-create with us. Each one of the children and youngsters in the community has inscribed in me a commitment to transform their essence into a minuscule object, a great challenge to express their enormous generosity and creativity. This is only the first chapter of this story. Now, our work continues in the workshop, awaiting the moment to meet with them and each one of those who make it possible (Valle La Paz Foundation), thus celebrating the goodness that unites us.